Wood Fired Pizza

served from our traditional Dutch barge in Stratford upon Avon

Enjoy Waterside drinks

Pimms, Prosecco or one of our Award-winning pints from the Windmill Hill Brewery

Delicious coffee

Coffee to go or relax and enjoy the view waterside in Stratford upon Avon

Enjoy freshly cooked wood fired pizza and drinks alfresco

The Barge and Quarterdeck Stratford upon Avon

Welcome to the unique Barge and Quarterdeck. Enjoy our freshly cooked wood-fired pizza and a couple of drinks served from our traditional Dutch barge from the award-winning Windmill Hill Brewing Company. There’s nowhere quite like this, not just in Stratford upon Avon but literally anywhere! 

Our Wood Fired Pizza

All our pizzas are sourced from local ingredients and lovingly made to order by our team of skilled pizza chefs. The Bushman oven installed on the stern of our boat not only adds a bit of theatre to your dining experience but it also is the best of it’s type in the world and cooks the most delicious, light and crispy pizzas you’ll ever taste.

Our  Traditional Dutch Barge

Moored just in front of the world’s most iconic theatre our pizzas are prepared and served from a traditional Dutch Barge on to state of the art decking over the water. It’s the only place in town to catch the sun all day whilst enjoying a drink or two and a wood fired rustic pizza. Please come along and join us for a slice of Mediterranean living in the middle of Stratford upon Avon.